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Hi Ya'll, I'm Hannah; Mom, wife, farmer and photographer just trying to survive each day. I am a born and raised country girl from Southern California, looking to move to Texas, and willing to travel anywhere...[read more]

:: Benfield | Highland Family Pictures ::

I truly love everything about this family. Don and Deanna are so much fun, plus they just make you feel good when you’re around them. They have raised two awesome boys, who are also growing up to be very handsome men. It is crazy to watch them grow and soar in height just like their father.

We ventured out to Old Greenspot Road Brigde, which I hadn’t been to since they made it a historical site. If you haven’t been out there I suggest you go take a look. They put up information boards explaining all about the bridge history and I say it is pretty neat!

Here’s to another year of pictures for the Benfield family!



:: Ross Family | Forest Falls, CA ::

I love my visits with this family! They are friends, and some of our past neighbors. I love how the Ross family has grown over the years and I LOVE watching these adorable kids grow.

This year we went towards Forest Falls and did something we have never done before. When you take multiple pictures over the years you tend to run out of new ideas. I am loving we tried something new and I am loving the outcome!

As always, they speak for themselves…. Thanks Ross family!!! LOVE YA


:: Garfield | Morgan, Utah ::

It was a perfect day in Morgan Utah for pictures. The sky was beautiful, the air was crisp and the Garfield family has the perfect backdrop on their land for pictures!

I feel lucky to have met this wonderful family. There have been a couple generations of Garfield’s living and working on this land for many years, Grandpa is 89 and still wakes up every morning to work on the land. When you arrive to the homestead and truly look around there is no bad scenery, which is truly any photographers dream. Then you add a pretty prefect family into that scenery and you get these pictures!

Thank you Garfield’s for having me capture your wonderful family on your amazing land!


:: Gohn | Yucaipa Family Pictures ::

The LOVELY Gohn family! Some of my favorite people I have been photographing since the beginning of time and before these children were even on earth! So much joy has come in this family in the last five years. It has been so wonderful to sit and watch them grow and continue to prosper through life.  Our picture time is always an adventure, and as the kids grow it continues to get more and more interesting. This year we went up to Yucaipa and used WildWood State park. I love this place because there usually aren’t many people and there are so many places to utilize, but I did think we were going to be eaten alive by bugs..  We survived and once again I am loving the outcome.


:: Salt :: Greenspot Farm Family Pictures ::

It was so wonderful to meet up with the Salt family at Greenspot Farm. I haven’t seen them since I moved to Utah and since then the family has grown with another member on the way! SO exciting! It was also great to catch up and admire how big the kiddos are getting!