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Meet Hannah


Hi Ya’ll, I’m Hannah; Mom, wife, farmer and photographer just trying to survive each day.

I am a born and raised country girl from Southern California who moved to Utah, and willin to travel anywhere. I have always been drawn to capturing moments in time with a camera. Tangible pictures are sometimes the only things we are left with of a memory or a special time of our lives. I love being able to look at a picture and it take me back in time. Good or bad, that ‘moment‘ in life is part of my lifeline. It helped shape me who I am today. After my son was born is when I realized the potential I had to capture life and my memories of him with images…. I wanted to capture every little detail of him, his life, and what we did. My passion for capturing my own children quickly turned into a desire to capture the detail, beauty and life I see in ALL people and things.

Most of the time you can catch me at home playin in the dirt and tending to our animals and garden with the kids. We raise and grow our own food the best we can, which sometimes can take a lot of time and work, but we wouldn’t want it any other way. There is nothing better, or rewarding than  eating your own food.

I live for God and my family for they will always come first. If you are thinking about booking a session lets plan ahead a chat about your details. I am always booked at least a month out.

Hannah Sons