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I have a passion for making senior girls and boys feel and look their best.  Your senior year is one of the most memorable times of your life and I want to be a part of that senior experience.

Your senior session can be taken anytime from spring of your junior year up until a couple months before graduation. This depends on what type of setting you want according to the  seasons and also your schedule. There is no right or wrong time to take your portraits.

Senior portraits are all about you. Your style, your personality! I want to you to have fun and walk away with the best pictures possible.


What to wear

This is often asked. A few guidelines when choosing your outfits:  select clothes that you FEEL GOOD in…if you feel like the outfit isn’t you or if you are trying too hard to make the outfit ‘work’, then don’t bring it!  I want you to feel the best that you can!  When we feel our best it shows through our pictures.  Also, choose clothes that are flattering on you.  Sometimes, clothing just doesn’t photograph well with an end result neither of us are happy with!  No matter what, stay true to yourself but also be willing to go out on a limb! If you are normally just a black and white wearing person throw a splash of color in the mix. The only thing I ask is to  try and stay away from busy prints. They sometimes are too distracting and we want YOU to be the main focus.

I like for my seniors to have some options. I think if you start with three main outfits you can always dress up or down from there. Something classic. By that I mean an outfit that will stand the test of time AND make your parents happy. A dress, some heels, ruffles, whatever is your style I want to see it. The second choice is normally a causal outfit that can possibly be dressed up  if needed with some jewelry or a fancy pair of shoes or that can just be causal. This is something you would wear day in day out. Bring a sweater or scarf if you would normally wear one. For the third choice I like to leave that up to you. If you play sports and want a uniform picture, bring it. Cap and gown is an easy go-to, or if you want an excuse to go shopping and buy something new, that’s always fun.  Whatever it may be, make it fun, make it you and feel good doing it. My motto is less is more, but please bring more so we have options!! Here are just a couple options. Everything can be dressed up or down.

Accessories really do make an outfit sometimes….I  would suggest for jewelry to wear a bracelet and earrings or a necklace and earrings.  Sunglasses can be really fun!  And don’t forget about your hair, make sure to bring a headband or a rubber band to pull your hair back.  If you are into hats, whether it’s a cowboy hat or a baseball cap, bring it. Is your animal your best friend and you have been dying to take a picture with him or her. Let me know! Some other items people often bring or ask about: class ring, Letterman jacket, Instrument, any hobby items or what about your car? Looking for my inspiration, Click on over my Pinterest board ‘what to wear’.

Since I want you to feel comfortable during your senior session please bring someone along who you feel good around, someone that supports you and will be your biggest cheerleader. It’s always nice having an extra person to check your hair and make-up.  Maybe you and your best friend want to take senior pictures together?!? Ask me about the wing man special!!!

I hope this helps and you if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.