October 28, 2019

Folkman | Ogden Family Portraits

Who knew downtown Ogden had this little secret.

My kids and I love to walk all around Ogden along the river walks. This time of year especially is so beautiful with all the fall leaves. We have walked by this spot many times before, but after talking with Cassie and asking her what she wanted in her photos, I saw this glorious spot in a whole new way, and knew it was exactly what we needed.

It was a chilly night, but the warmest we had all week. I told them we would work fast and fun so no one, like little miss Indie would get cold or bored. I have know Indie since she was born. Cassie and I worked together at the hospital and I just happened to be working the day she went into labor. Indie wanted nothing to do with me this night. Only mom and dad could help her, play with her or comfort her, totally normal for an almost two year old. As our time went on though she started to fade fast. At one point I has asked her if she were tired and wanted to go to be when she quickly replied "yes" and proceed to lay her head on mom and close her eyes. I think at that moment we all knew she wasn't 100%, but what we didn't realize is how sick she really felt.

We finished our session, which I thought was fantastic and went our separate ways home. The next morning Cassie text me informing me Indie had been up all night throwing up! THIS POOR GIRL! She seriously put on the bravest face and cutest smiles for these pictures, went home and threw in the towel! Our session consisted of many snuggles, and comfort and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. This is real life.